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About Madera Marine

Corey and Sandy Alley formed their company Madera Marine, LLC in 2007 out of St. Petersburg, Florida. The story of how QuadRodz® came to be is simply an avid fisherman’s quest to find an easier and safer way to transport multiple fishing rods and reels.

Corey lives for fishing Kingfish Tournaments and they’ve been a huge part of his life for over 15 years now.  And with that love and commitment came the constant inconvenience of either numerous trips carrying his fishing rods or wrapping multiple rods with a single piece of Velcro.

Corey was determined to develop a rod and reel transport and storage system “all in one”.  It would need to have the ability to hold multiple rods securely in place.  It would also need to create adequate distance between each rod and reel (from the tip all the way to the butt of the rod) which would eliminate excessive contact. This would protect his expensive rods and reels because he would no longer have them sliding, bumping or scratching each other.

He had the means to design and perfect his idea due to more than 23 years of experience inventing and designing products for Profile Racing in St. Petersburg, Florida. There, he uses CAD software and CNC machinery to help create new hubs, stems, sprockets, cranks and other components. His high quality products were even present in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, ridden by the silver medalist Mike Day.

QuadRodz® was the first of their fishing products holding the obvious “four” fishing rods. After extensive testing and tweaking, the product was finally complete. Then they improved upon the original design by created a newer model that included inserts.  This helped to grab and secure each rod in the slots to eliminate any sliding and better accommodate rods that are slightly different is size. Each rod snaps into place at two different strategic points on the rod blank. Then all of the rods are wrapped together at both ends of the rod holder by attached Velcro straps which holds them securely in place.

After the QuadRodz® was created, they decided a “three” rod carrier and transport system could accommodate even larger reels (in their med/large sized unit) due to the triangle shape and extra room it provided and so the TriRodz® was created. Through natural progression, they moved right into creating a “two” rod system and so the BiRodz® joined the collection.  After all three types of rod systems were created, they then developed a sm/med size for each of the units (QuadRodz®, TriRodz®, BiRodz®).  So now they have all types of rods covered from the larger offshore rods to the smaller/lighter tackle including Bass, fly fishing, etc.

ProductTriRodzNot only does it make transporting a snap, but now you can store multiple rods within a single cylinder of your stationary rod storage system to consolidate the mess you have in your garage, shed or even your bedroom (for some of you out there).

Madera Marine has 100% of their product made and assembled in the USA.  We appreciate your business which in turn helps support this patriotic choice.  And all of their products carry a lifetime warranty.

From everyone at Madera Marine, we would sincerely like to thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy our products.

Good luck and tight lines!!!